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Will my dog or cat need a medical examination to get pet insurance?

We can insure dogs (between 3 months and 9 years old) and cats (between 3 months and 12 years old) without medical exams in most cases. We will however require details of your pet’s past medical history and breed on the proposal form.
Your pet will also need to be properly vaccinated and micro-chipped to be insured.

Will my pet be insured for any past illnesses or medical conditions?

In the majority of cases, your dog or cat will not be covered for past medical conditions. However, it is important that you give us full details of any past medical conditions so that we can make a fair decision on cover and advise you of any specific exclusions. After four months of treatment, recurring or ongoing conditions will no longer be covered. Chronic conditions
are not covered after diagnosis.

Will my pet be insured immediately?

Once we have processed your application form and premium, we will send you your Pet Insurance Certificate and policy wording giving full information on how to claim. There is a waiting period of 14 days before you can claim for veterinary
treatment charges.

Will my pet be insured abroad?

On the Premier plan, cover is available for treatment in agreed countries and you are free to take your pet abroad for treatment if your pet is fit to travel. On this plan, cover for all other sections such as liability is also extended to put your mind at rest if you take your pet abroad with you on holiday. When we refer to ‘Agreed Countries’ we mean all EU member states plus Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City.

How often can I claim?
You can claim as many times in a year as you like, although benefit limits may apply and claims must be made within 2 months from the incident date. The claims guide on the policy booklet gives more details on claims procedures for more specific cases.

How can I be sure that I am covered before I go ahead with my pet’s medical treatment?

Just call our Personal Lines Department on 2155 3960 and tell them about your pet’s proposed treatment. We would require you to contact our offices for us to preauthorise your pet’s treatment when planning an operation involving general anaesthetic or an overnight stay in a hospital or clinic.

What will my pet insurance cover?

Essential Plan or Premier Plan - for more information please contact us!


What are the main exclusions and limitations of pet insurance?
You will find the full list of exclusions and conditions in the policy booklet available on our principal's website 

  • Treatment for poisoning or intoxication in the first year of cover.



  • Pre-existing and chronic medical conditions as well as any congenital abnormalities are excluded.


  • Routine veterinary treatment and pet grooming


  • Breeding is excluded as well as normal pregnancy or elective caesareans. All caesareans are excluded for all adult Females weighing 5 Kg or less as well as the English bulldog.


  • Putting down your pet and disposal of the body are only covered following accidental death.


  • Any deliberate acts and fraud are excluded.


  • Certain types and breeds are excluded e.g. dangerous breeds, fighting dogs and any dogs used for guarding, security, racing, hunting, sport or similar activities.


          If you are interested in learning more about our policy click here, please contact us on +356 21560 102/ 21560 103, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit us at our office in Pjazza San Frangisk, Victoria, Gozo


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